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A MP3 rotation community

mp3 rotation (mainly jrock)
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This is a new community for MP3 rotation. I upload all of the songs in YouSendIt, so you'll have to get it before it expires. But remember this! The songs are only to be used as samples. If you like the music by the album. For Japanese music you can use sites like CD Japan or Yes Asia. And some of the bands are easily available in Europe also nowadays. Please delete everything you download from here within 24 hours.

If you want to join the community, feel free to do so. And if you download a lot of songs, I might just give you a permission to help with uploading the songs for others to try out. I take requests also, but uploading them might take some time. But I'll do my best to get them uploaded.

This description is pretty much under construction, and also: the community doesn't have a banner, so if you'd like to help me with that, feel free to do so. :)