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This weeks rotation, and december's extra

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alice nine - Mugen no Hana

Great song from alice nine. Can't really describe it. It's just the way alice nine is. ^^ Highly recommended.

MUCC - Tsubasa

From MUCC's new album, Houyoku. Peaceful song, and it makes me happy every time I listen to it. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderfuuuuul. Also highly recommended. ^^

Bump of Chicken - Hybrid Rainbow

Once again, a peaceful song. This is a beautiful song and I almost cried first time I heard it. Highly recommended. ^^

MUCC - Daikirai live in studio

MUCC performing Daikirai in a studio in this clip. It's not the full song, but the most of it. Tatsurou looks really funny, and Yukke and Miya run around the room.

Have fun. ^^
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