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Gazette - Ruder PV

soo, feel free to take it ^^
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Miyavi - Dear from XXX. acoustic

A bonus track from one of MYV's albums. A really, really great song. From all of Miyavi's songs I wish to learn to play this the most.

Közi - Honey Vanity

Well this is a really special song, because sometimes it makes you happy and sometimes it makes you angry. When I'm really, really tired after a hard day, I don't like this. But when whether I'm sad or happy, if I'm not tired it can make me so cheerful!

Gazette - Saraba

One of my favourites from the Disorder-album. Can't think of much to say. :P

So just three songs this time. Sorry, I'll make it up to you next week.
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I didn't update this last week because it was Christmas, and when it's that time of the year I hardly use the PC at all. This week the rotation will be back though.
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Kimeru - Song for You ~Ai subeki hito e~
Wondeful from Kimeru once again. ^^ This is a really happy song. From the anime Prince of Tennis. Just take it, I know you'll love it. :P

Cali = Gari - Yabureta Denpou
The band they call MUCC's big brothers. My favourite song from them. The singer (can't recall his name and can't be bothered to check) has a wonderful, wonderful voice.

Pierrot - Dramatic Neo Anniversary
My absolute favourite from Pierrot. As usual, Kirito is just something else.

Gazette - Zakurogata no Yuuutsu
I've been really into this song lately. And also the PV. I love it. Maybe I'll share it as next month's extra.

Well that's all. Have fun with them.
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Missed last week's rotation due to stuff that needed taking care of. Well, I'll upload more songs this week.
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Sorry for being late with this week's rotation! I've had many things to do. Uploading everything tomorrow!
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alice nine - Mugen no Hana

Great song from alice nine. Can't really describe it. It's just the way alice nine is. ^^ Highly recommended.

MUCC - Tsubasa

From MUCC's new album, Houyoku. Peaceful song, and it makes me happy every time I listen to it. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderfuuuuul. Also highly recommended. ^^

Bump of Chicken - Hybrid Rainbow

Once again, a peaceful song. This is a beautiful song and I almost cried first time I heard it. Highly recommended. ^^

MUCC - Daikirai live in studio

MUCC performing Daikirai in a studio in this clip. It's not the full song, but the most of it. Tatsurou looks really funny, and Yukke and Miya run around the room.

Have fun. ^^
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So the first songs are here. Hope you like them. Please comment if you take any, as I can keep track of the downloads that way.

The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)

A really peaceful song. I love the bass on this one. The Arcade Fire is a Canadian band, and in some of their songs they sing in French. Not in this one though.

Stam1na - Kadonneet kolme sanaa

A Finnish band. Some kind of metal. Very aggressive. I've seen them live two years back, but back then I didn't think they were too amazing. Nowadays I like them, and especially this song.

Cool Joke - Undo

Sounds pretty much like punk. You may recongize this one, as it's the 3rd opening of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime. Either this or Asian Kung-Fu Generation's Rewrite is the best opening.

Merry - Kuroi Niji

Great song from Merry. Gara has such a great voice! I think this is a beautiful song, although pretty simple. Highly recommended.
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Well, this is (once again) a new mp3 rotation community. I'll upload some songs once a week, and hopefully many of you will download them. :) Remember! Downloaded files should be deleted within 24 hours! If you like the band, just get their album.

I'll also give you a special treat once a month. That means a PV, a live, a clip or something along the lines of that. Everything will be uploaded on YouSendIt, so be sure to get it before it expires. This entry will be really short, sorry about that. Read the community description for more info.

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